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Nova media introduces iSync 3.3.3

Nova media has presented version 3.3.3 of its plugin for compatibility with the iSync feature of Mac OS X. Through this plugin it is possible that certain models of mobile phones, initially not supported by iSync, can use the synchronization feature with Calendar and Operating system calendar. The new dislike provides compatibility for Nokia 8800 Sirocco, 6288, 6151, 6133, 6131, 6126, 5300 and 5200 models; thus raising the compatibility to a total of 29 Nokia models.

Additionally, the plugin supports a total of 56 mobile phone models from other manufacturers, including Motorola, Nokia, BenQ-Siemens and Sony Ericcson, offering compatibility with Calendar and Agenda data from any Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 .7 or higher and iSync 2.3

The plugin is priced at EUR 9.95 plus VAT.