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Fujifilm announces FinePix F31fd

The FinePix F31fd incorporates a high-precision Fujinon lens, offering 3200 ISO sensitivity, a maximum resolution of 6.3 megapixels, and uses its sixth generation Super CCD HR that combines a signal processing system with two cycles of noise reduction. offered by the new RP II processor. The startup time is 1.5 seconds, and the shutter lag is 0.01 seconds with a 1.5 second interval between shots.

In addition, the image stabilization mode allows you to use a very high shutter speed to avoid blur caused by camera movement or the subject to be photographed, all thanks to its maximum sensitivity of ISO 3200.

Face detection technology allows you to adjust the optimized focus, exposure and brightness, allowing up to 10 faces to be detected simultaneously.

Advanced flash allows you to shoot the same scene with and without a flash with a single press of the shutter. The camera records the image using the smart flash and an additional one with high sensitivity and natural light, so that the user can choose the best scene.

The FinePix F31fd will be available from next December at a suggested price of € 369.