Maria Montero

Xiaomi’s lightweight Mint browser is now available for phones …

From Xiaomi mint browser is now available for Android users. The browser has very low requirements and appears to be designed for low-end phones.

Chrome is a source of resources on the desktop, but we’ve never faced any serious issues on mobile devices, so we’re not entirely sure what niche Mint is filling. In any case, the browser is small at just 11MB (Chrome is about 45MB and Edge is about 76MB). Despite the size, the browser seems to have the essentials in order. Features such as tabbed browsing, incognito, reading mode, and voice search are included. There are also bandwidth-saving features, like one that will disable images on mobile sites.

We’ve spent a few minutes with the browser and all we can say is that it looks perfectly fine. We also can’t think of a reason to switch from Chrome, other than to reduce the amount of data Google collects. Even in that regard, it is difficult to recommend ad-supported Xiaomi as an alternative. Fortunately, the browser UI at least seems ad-free for now.

Xiaomi’s Mint browser is supposed to be lightweight and less of a resourceful resource compared to competing browsers.