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XChange publishes the Universal version of its XTensions

XTensions are available immediately through the developer’s website, and include Bookletizer, Art Gallery XT, Crops XT, FlexScale, Resize XT, Nametag, and GridMaster.

Bookletizer converts documents to printer plates using new menu commands in the host application. The software provides controls to ensure consistency across pages as well as allowing on-the-fly conversion between the two formats.

Art Gallery XT creates image galleries in a grid layout from folders with selected images using a few commands. Through its use, images can be imported and texts added to the document. The texts can include the name of the image, its dimensions, in addition to applying different style sheets.

Crops XT creates crop and registration marks as well as color and gray bars around the selected object or a group located on the document page. The software is geared toward small-scale printing uses, such as business card making.

FlexScale allows users to scale a document when sending it to a printer or other device. The vertical and horizontal enlargement percentages are independent of each other, so that the document can be scaled in either direction.

Resize XT allows users to select a group of elements on the page and scale them with the indicated percentage, as would be done for example with an illustration program. Users can apply a proportional scale or not.

The XTension Nametag takes care of automatically labeling all the graphics used in the QuarkXPress document. This operation makes it easy to identify graphic files used in any area of ​​the document. Labels are placed in QuarkXPress text boxes above graphics.

GridMaster allows you to create grids with text or graphics boxes in QuarkXPress documents.