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Won’t 5G benefit consumers? Ericsson’s report says …

5G, 5G internet, What is 5G, Ericsson 5G Report, Ericsson 5G Consumer Report, 5G Consumer Benefits, 5G Consumer Use Case The Ericsson report says that 5G will have real benefits for consumers, who will be willing to pay the premium price. (Image Source: Bloomberg)

What will be the real-time benefits of 5G or fifth-generation mobile broadband technology and will it really be useful for consumers? A new report from Ericsson ConsumerLab argues that 5G will not just be for businesses as it spreads, but will have long-term benefits for consumers.

In its “5G Consumer Potential”, Ericsson’s ConsumerLab says the argument that there will be no short-term consumer benefits from 5G is false. According to the report, users in markets such as South Korea and Australia (the former has some of the fastest mobile internet speeds in the world), as well as consumers in the US are not satisfied with mobile broadband speeds. , which they say are not fast enough. Thus, 5G could solve a real problem for many users with its higher speeds and low latency networks.

The Ericsson survey showed that six out of 10 users in mega / metro cities around the world face problems in crowded areas and would like to see 5G implemented first in those areas to deal with congestion. The survey also showed that consumers expect more broadband options at home, and more than half of those interested in 5G home wireless broadband are dissatisfied with their current provider or lack broadband options.

Ericsson also claims that the industry myth that consumers will not be willing to pay a premium on 5G is not true. According to the survey, users are willing to pay 20% more for fifth-generation services, and half of early adopters are willing to pay up to 32% more.

But the report also notes that four out of ten of these big spenders on 5G are also expecting new use cases and payment models, as well as a secure 5G network, and not just high speeds from new networks.

The report also contends that video consumption will increase with 5G and consumers will not only stream higher resolutions, but also watch AR and VR video formats. The study claims that new video formats will result in users watching an additional three hours of video content on mobile devices weekly in the future.

5G, 5G internet, What is 5G, Ericsson 5G Report, Ericsson 5G Consumer Report, 5G Consumer Benefits, 5G Consumer Use Case5G, 5G internet, What is 5G, Ericsson 5G Report, Ericsson 5G Consumer Report, 5G Consumer Benefits, 5G Consumer Use Case Features that users expect from a 5G smartphone. (Image source: Ericsson report)

In addition, the study also states that the data usage of one in five smartphone users could reach more than 200GB per month on a 5G device by 2025. It adds that six out of ten users will see having a home robot connected to 5G as a status symbol. Four out of ten will expect access to 5G in the car and it will be considered as important as fuel efficiency and engine power in the next five years.

“Through our research, we have broken four myths about consumer opinions about 5G and answered questions such as whether 5G features will require new types of devices or whether smartphones will be the silver bullet for 5G. “Consumers clearly state that they think smartphones will probably not be the only solution for 5G,” Jasmeet Singh Sethi, Director of ConsumerLab, Ericsson Research said in a press release.

The new Ericsson ConsumerLab study is based on 35,000 interviews with smartphone users aged 15 to 69, conducted in 22 different countries. For industry sentiment regarding the consumer value of 5G, Ericsson also conducted an additional 22 interviews with experts, including academics and senior executives working for telecom operators, device and chip manufacturers, start-ups and groups. of experts.