Cómo Descargar e Instalar un Navegador en Windows Phone ¿Cuál es Mejor?

Windows Phone The Best Browsers for Windows PhoneWindows Phone is one of the operating systems most used by …

Windows Phone It is one of the operating systems most used by Nokia, especially in its models Lumia. However, not all users can find a way to install a quality Internet browser to Windows Phone, But as same as Android This operating system has an application store known as Windows Store, where most of the applications found are free, although we can also find some paid but it does not mean that the free ones are of poor quality, on the contrary, they can be much better than the paid ones, so here we will tell you how to install some good and free browsers for Windows Phone.

Many users believe that Windows Phone is completely different from Windows Phone 8.1, but this is false as it is completely the same but with a newer version, so this will depend on the mobile we have and if there is an update pending Windows Phone.

The best browsers for Windows Phone

The best browsers are not only available for Windows Phone, but for any other operating system used today. This is a ranking with the best browsers used in the three most popular operating systems that is to say, Android, Windows Phone Y ios.

Google Chrome

As you can imagine, the number one position of the best browsers for Windows Phone is occupied by Google Chrome, which is the most used, fast, stable and with the best browsing performance on web pages. East browser for Windows Phone you can download it from the Windows Store completely free or from this link.

UC Browser

Another one of the best browsers for Windows Phone It is a very light one that allows running applications and Flash, it is UC Browser and has a new update that allows you to open offline pages and be able to see Youtube videos, that is, allows save mobile data when you don’t have Wi-Fi connection. You can download this browser from this link.

Opera Mini

Third, we have a browser that has been running on different operating systems for a long time, including mobile phones. Is about Opera, but in this case your version Opera Mini, which is a powerful browser for Windows Phone very fast and that can be configured with APN to navigate without access to Wi-Fi or mobile data. It is completely free and can be downloaded from here.

As you will see, you have several options in the Windows Store but nevertheless these are the top 3 browsers for Windows Phone that you can find in this store, so you can choose one of them or install all three at the same time if your mobile has the necessary space and get the most out of each of them.