Windows Phone Download PagoRUT for Windows Phone.  Simple and without problems If you are one of all the users who want to use PagoRUT, ...

Windows Phone Download PagoRUT for Windows Phone. Simple and without problems If you are one of all the users who want to use PagoRUT, …

If you are one of all the users who want to use PaymentRUT, now you can do it and from your Windows Phone. Finally after so long the application has reached mobile phones with this operating system, this is a tool that It will be very useful if you have a RUT Account. This will provide you with the same services as Online Banking on the Banco Estado website, so if you want to use this but from your mobile you just have to download PagoRUT for Windows Phone, which is very simple, you just have to follow the steps that you will find later.


What is PagoRUT about

PagoRUT is an option that has recently been added to the Banco Estado application, one of the applications most used by all those who have a RUT account. With this application in addition to having the benefits of the new option You will be able to receive notifications, balance information and control everything that is related to your account. Although I will better explain each of the options you have so you can see how useful it can be.

Notifications: You will receive information, offers and receipts of all your operations through online notifications.

Balance: You can check your balance and see what the last movements of your RUT Account have been.

PaymentRUT: With this option you will be able to make and receive payments, obviously it has to be among those who have a RUT account, ands the fastest, safest and easiest way to do this type of procedure.


The idea of ​​adding this option to Banco Estado is to make users can be much more comfortable and safe when they do all their transactions. Luckily every day that passes they add more tools so that we can do all these banking procedures from the comfort of our mobile. So if you have a RUT Account, don’t waste your time anymore, download Banco Estado to have this option and thus it will not be necessary that you do everything from a computer or from the branch.

How to download PagoRUT for Windows Phone

As I told you before, downloading PagoRUT is very simple and fastIn order to have this option, you have to download Banco Estado. It is for this reason that I will tell you how you have to do it and how you have to activate the option once you have the application on your mobile.

The first thing you have to do is follow this link to the Microsoft store, there you will see the application. Then you will look for the Download button, you will press it and wait for the procedure to finish.

Once the download and installation is finished you will have to enter it, when you do it you will see that there are four options: PagoRUT, Notifications, Balance and a small form. You have to click on PagoRUT since it is the option that interests you, in this way it will be installed. This will ask you to enter a username and password, as you are new you will put RUT and the password you have from the ATM or the one you use on the website. Chen you enter you will be asked for the numbers of the password you use for transfers, once you do, you can enjoy this option.