Erica Flores

Windows 10 is now more popular than Windows 7

Microsoft ended 2018 as the most valuable company in the world, but it also passed a major milestone for Windows. The latest Windows 10 operating system is now the world’s most popular desktop operating system, and it has finally surpassed the market share of Windows 7 according to Net Applications. Windows 10 had 39.22 percent of the desktop operating system market share in December 2018, compared to 36.9 percent for Windows 7. It’s a statistic that Microsoft has taken three and a half years to reach. , and it shows just how popular Windows 7 is since its release almost 10 years ago.

Microsoft had planned to get Windows 10 working on a billion devices within three years of its launch, but the company soon expanded that timeline once it became clear that Windows Phone would not help it achieve this goal. Windows 10 now runs on more than 700 million devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, and even Xbox One consoles. Windows 7 has been going strong in recent years, despite Microsoft’s big push for PC users to get involved. upgrade for free and even a “PC does what?” Designed for consumers with four- or five-year-old computers.

The market share milestone is important for Windows 10, and it comes just one year before Microsoft ends its extended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Microsoft will continue to need to convince wealthy companies to upgrade to Windows 10. to opt for the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program for Windows 7 next year. Microsoft faced a similar challenge in moving businesses from Windows XP to Windows 7, and the company released technical reports comparing the costs of the two operating systems nearly seven years ago.