Windows 10 Buy cheap Windows 10 licenses Many people decide to acquire Windows 10 by non-legal means we could ...

Windows 10 Buy cheap Windows 10 licenses Many people decide to acquire Windows 10 by non-legal means we could …

Many people decide purchase Windows 10 by non-legal means we could say, others directly have non-legal Windows and do not even know it, perhaps because they bought the second-hand computer or perhaps they sent it to be formatted and since they have no knowledge they ended up putting a Windows that is not genuine.

Acquiring an original copy is not too expensive If you know where you can buy an economic license, that is why then we are going to show you how you should do to be able to buy cheap Windows 10 licenses without any kind of limitation.

Buying Windows 10 licenses on eBay

We all clearly know what eBay is about, a huge site where we can buy practically everything, very similar to Amazon, Mercadolibre, etc. The big difference is undoubtedly the prices, where we can assure you that in eBay you are going to get the best overall.

We find on eBay if we search a bit for various licenses for Windows 10 and even other Windows at prices that seem laughable, less than 10 euros in many cases. How is it possible? We’ll see.

Cheap Windows 10 licenses

There are a total of three types of Windows 10 licenses. The first one is OEM, the other Retail and the last one would be volume licenses. Possibly at this point you do not understand anything and want to run out of the post, let’s explain a little how things are going and then you will understand everything.

OEM: They are basically those that are already installed in devices that we acquire. When we buy a notebook that has Windows 10, the price of it is included in the price of that license. It is clear that we cannot install it on more devices since the only place we have original Windows 10 is on that computer that we acquired.

Retail: Basically those that most mortals have bought for a long time and that have a price considerably higher than what we can find in Amazon, eBay, Mercadolibre, etc. Since the price, as you know, varies from $ 90 to $ 120 depending on where you buy it.

Volume licenses: Basically it’s about the license packages actually that Microsoft sells to companies. Because it is clear that if a company has to install Windows on 80 different computers, it will not pay $ 100 for each license, right? The number would not be profitable and they surely end up in Linux (Yes, of course) Then Microsoft makes them an “offer” only for companies and sells all for less than 10 dollars.

So what happens, the sellers of eBay Somehow they can pretend to be a company and acquire hundreds of these licenses and then end up selling each one at 15-20 dollars, they have secure profits without doing anything and we have a license that works 100% only paying 15 or 20% of the total price.