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Will O2 Sell the iPhone in the UK?

The information indicates that O2, a subsidiary of the Spanish Telefónica, seems to be very close to the closing of the agreement on the exclusive distribution of the iPhone for the United Kingdom.

The Times newspaper indicates that the mobile operator will be the first in Europe to close a deal with Apple on the iPhone.

O2 has indicated that ‚ÄúNo agreement has yet been signed between O2 and Apple. We do not comment on rumors or speculation. ” Apple also maintains its usual stance of not commenting on rumors.

The Times newspaper also believes that negotiations remain open with other mobile phone distributors, including Carphone Warehouse, so that they can distribute the iPhone after an “exclusivity period” with O2.

For now, the distribution rights of the iPhone in Europe seem to be settled between one or more between Vodafone, Deutsche Telecom / T-Mobile or Orange.

The information that emerged this week seems to indicate that Deutsche Telecom / T-Mobile has secured the distribution rights for Germany.

According to information published by The Financial Times, the device will initially be available in the United Kingdom, Germany and France, with the launch of the iPhone for the rest of the European countries and Asia during the next year.