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Wikipedia Co-Founder Jimmy Wales Introduces Twitter Rival Facebook …

Jimmy Wales has launched a rival social network on Facebook and Twitter called ‘WikiTribune Social’ or ‘WT: Social’ in short. The Wikipedia co-founder’s new initiative is for people who want to share facts and promote a collaborative approach to generating high-quality journalism. Essentially, a platform to share authentic news with productive discussions and better connections.

Wikipedia Co-Founder Jimmy Wales Introduces Twitter's Rival Facebook to Fight Clickbait

File photo of Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. Image: Reuters

the Financial Times (FT) reported that users will be able to participate in discussions on a news service similar to Facebook. Users will be asked to join different communities after registering on the site and it ranges from politics to technology, including specific topics like beekeeping.

On the “About Us” page of the social network, you indicate that you will not sell user data. Therefore, the platform will depend on a donation-based business model. This will keep the platform ad-free, which Wales believes is problematic based on its interview with FOOT.

WT: Social launched last month and is approaching 50,000 users with over 200 people donating to the new site. You can join the platform right away, but there is currently a waiting list for new users. If you want to skip the queue, you can pay. Wales said in the same interview that the platform will not be “massively profitable, but it will be sustainable.”

The new platform is actually a spin-off of ‘Wikitribune’ that was launched two years ago to be a “collaborative media” site. However, it didn’t work because of its global focus and now, WT: Social aims to serve smaller communities but several to support themselves.

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