WiFi Tutorials The Easiest and Safest Way to Audit WiFi Networks WEP, WPA PSK and WPA2As technology advances learn to audit WiFi networks ...

WiFi Tutorials The Easiest and Safest Way to Audit WiFi Networks WEP, WPA PSK and WPA2As technology advances learn to audit WiFi networks …

As technology advances learn to audit WiFi networks it is becoming more and more fundamental if we are to the case. Maybe not for everyone, but for a large part who want to keep their network secure or who directly need to keep it secure. That is why today we are going to talk about how to audit a Wi-Fi network that has a Wep key and also with WPA PSK and even with WPA2, all this making use of WiFiSlax. We go step by step.


First of all, we’re going to have to download Wifislax obviously which weighs a little less than 2 GB, after this we are going to install in a usb drive the same can also be on a DVD, but we recommend that it be on a USB memory.

Now once we open WifiSlax what we have to do is use the Goyscript tool. We are going to look for the blue icon that we can find at the bottom of the left side where the applications are. Now what we are going to do is go to WPA WPS and then to GoyScript WPS, once selected we begin to decrypt the WiFi key or rather we begin to try.

Remember that you have to select the WiFi card you have in your computer, it is generally selected automatically so you should not have too many problems in this regard. Keep in mind that it is essential to make this process work to have a WiFi card that it really is compatible with WifiSlax so that everything works, otherwise you will not achieve absolutely anything.

Well then now what you can see is that another window opens, but this time you will see the networks that were detected and all the data related to them right there. Keep in mind here that if your network has a “#” it means that it is quite vulnerable and that anyone with little knowledge can basically use your WiFi network. In case this symbol mentioned above is not present, it means that the network in question is quite secure, although not impossible to decipher.

What do we do if the WiFi network is insecure?

What we have to do is close the window on the right and once this appears in the main goyscript networks, we are going to select the one that is insecure, the one with the # symbol. The whole process begins and in theory your password should come out quickly.

How to make the network more secure?

Basically we have to start by disabling the WPS pin in case of having it active, it is comfortable, it is not necessary to remember strange passwords or anything, we cannot deny it, but it is considerably insecure.

What we are going to do is enter the administration bone router for that we are going to go to our browser and write with https: // any of the following addresses or Generally, in terms of passwords, it always asks for admin and admin, although it can be 1234 or even administrator and administrator.

Now once you enter the router we are going to deactivate the WPS Pin and we also have to change the WPA2 password that comes in the router by default or that your Internet provider gave you. Try to make it somewhat complicated with numbers, letters, capital letters, etc. Finally, change the WEP or WPA encryption that you may have activated by WPA2-PSK.