WiFi Tutorials How to Audit Wifi Networks.  Step by Step Tutorial Actually, it is quite easy to audit Wi-Fi networks, but first ...

WiFi Tutorials How to Audit Wifi Networks. Step by Step Tutorial Actually, it is quite easy to audit Wi-Fi networks, but first …

It is actually quite easy to audit the wifi networks, but before we start to explain what you have to do, we want to tell you that this is not for you to use to commit criminal actions. Although it is tempting and it seems that we show them how to be it, our main objective is that you learn to protect yourself from the cyber crime and Wi-Fi theft, identity theft on social media and more.

Next, we will give you a complete tutorial on how Wi-Fi networks are audited. For this you will use a Linux Distro that was exclusively designed to professionally audit networks. Although if you want you can use Geminis Auditor, it is a great tool that is included in Wifislax.

Audit Wi-Fi networks

With this tutorial you will be able to know if the wifi network is secure or notIf this is not the case, then you will have to change the password and choose a stronger one, then you will check what type of security it has. I will give you some advice, you better use WPA2 and that you deactivate the WPS. To do this we will have to download the WifiSlax program, which is one of the best.

First step

The first thing to do is download Wifislax, it is quite heavy so I recommend that you be patient. Once you download it, you are going to mount the ISO image on a pendrive or you could burn it to a DVD, this way you would not have to start your PC from the pendrive.

But in the event that you do it from the pendrive you will have to load the ISO correctly, for this you will use Universal Installer. When you have this you are going to install it like any other program and you will open it, once ready, proceed to do the following.

  1. Select Wifislax
  2. Click browse and select the ISO image
  3. Select the memory stick drive and check “Let’s format I: Drive as Fat32”.
  4. Then you just have to press the create button and wait.

When you are ready, you will restart your computer with the memory stick connected so you can start cracking passwords.

Second step

When you restart the computer from memory, several screens will appear, there you will have to press intro several times to be able to choose the first option. This is how you get Wifislax to load.

Now, in order to obtain the Wi-Fi password, you are going to use the tool Geminis Auditor, To do this you have to click on the blue icon in the lower left corner. You have to click on Wifislax, then Wireless and hence Geminis Auditor. When it is open you will look for the option “Scan for targets”.

Once you have the results you will search your network, if it is green it is because security does not work and in less than a minute anyone could steal your wifi. What you have to do is change the password of your router quickly because anyone could hack you.