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WhatsApp … Do I need to present it? The truth is that this application is by far one of the most used in its category and even in general terms. It is still one of the best applications that we can use to send and receive instant messages, simple, fast and effective that is WhatsApp.

The subject isHow to verify WhatsApp without the verification code? It’s possible? We are going to see in this article how possible it is to do this and if it is, how you should do it.

Activate WhatsApp without the SMS code

Keep in mind that for activate WhatsApp generally if you need to have the code by SMSIt is not too complicated either because in reality what you have to do is put the phone number correctly. In the latest versions we take the country in question so it is no longer necessary to add that +54 (in the case of my country) in front of the whole number.

In sometimes the SMS does not arrive Due to problems precisely with the operator that takes too long to send the SMS or that perhaps we have a poor signal, you have to be patient and wait a little too because it does not always arrive immediately.

How to activate WhatsApp without verification code

What you have to do is select the phone call to avoid the SMS which generally works faster and is more immediate than SMSIn case you do not receive it, simply go back and dial to receive the call in this way you can activate WhatsApp in a fairly simple way.

Keep in mind that there is no other way to activate WhatsApp Since the account we use to send and receive messages is associated with a mobile phone, which means that it is essential to be able to function, it is like our username, like the name of the account, it is necessary for WhatsApp to work.

Unfortunately, it is the only way that works, that is why we cannot use WhatsApp from the Tablet unless we use the WhatsApp Web trick, but natively it is impossible, only from mobile phones with a line to be able to activate as soon as we install said application.

Not even if you used an app like WhatsApp Plus or rather if you could use it, neither could you check without code, it is always necessary.

In any case, if you have any questions about it, as always, do not hesitate to raise it in the comments below.