WhatsApp Type of letters for WhatsApp how to make the change WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application at the ...

WhatsApp Type of letters for WhatsApp how to make the change WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application at the …

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application internationally and it never ceases to surprise us with news after news. One of the most repeated demands by users is to be able to change the types of letters, something that we can do since last summer.

For a long time it has been reproached WhatsApp its lack of dynamism in certain aspects. While other apps like Google Allo They allow us to make changes to the letters and even vary their size, in WhatsApp they have always been little given to this type of changes, but now we can enjoy a new type of letter that is somewhat more retro in our favorite messaging application.

types of letters

Typefaces, put the retro font in WhatsApp

Last summer WhatsApp surprised us with an important novelty by allowing us to change the font in our messages. The traditional font that we are used to since the application started working, can now be changed by a slightly more retro style that reminds us of old typewriters.

This typeface is called FixedSys and to use it all we have to do is start and end the phrase or word to which we want to change the letter format with the inverted single quote, repeated three times. That is, instead of Hello, we must say “ ‘Hello’ ‘so that the application immediately changes the format of the letter.

In Android, to find the grave accent, we must open the numeric keyboard and press the “=” key, then a symbol keyboard opens in which we can quickly locate the inverted accent that we were looking for.

In the case of the iPhone, the keyboard that comes by default does not have this symbol, so you have to download a different keyboard. Within the App Store you can find many keyboard options available and the vast majority of them are free.

More format changes in WhatsApp

For some time when we use WhatsApp we are not so limited to the standard format. Now we can highlight the texts in bold, in italics and even cross out the writing.

To get the written text to be highlighted in bold, you have to enter the phrase or word between asterisks. If what we want is that the text is in italics we must enter it between underscores. Finally, if we want what we have written to appear crossed out, we must enter the text between small letters.

types of letters

Fontsy, more fonts for WhatsApp

If the change of font offered by the instant messaging application is not enough, in the Google Play Store you can download Fontsy. This application allows you to use different fonts in WhatsApp and in other applications such as Facebook or Twitter.

It is as simple as use the application to write the text, put it in the format that we like the most and then copy to the clipboard to use the text in WhatsApp or other application.

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