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WhatsApp Tablet How to add contacts in WhatsApp for tabletsWhen we think of the main instant messaging applications of all …

When we think of the main instant messaging applications around the world, we can understand that WhatsApp is the most popular of all, although it is true that it does not have as many functions as some others, so sometimes, certain tricks or tutorials are needed. In this case, many readers have been asking us about how to add contacts in WhatsApp for tablets, since we also find an app that does not have an independent official client for tablets.

The first thing we have to point out when it comes to adding contacts in WhatsApp for tablets, is that of course we are talking about WhatsApp, which is the leader in instant messaging in the world. Many users use this app on their mobiles, but many others will want to do it on their tablets. The truth is that you only need to add a phone number, but today we will teach you how to add contacts in WhatsApp for tablets without having your device rooted nor anything else like it.

Step by step to add contacts in WhatsApp for tablets

Well, we then begin with the main questions that you must take into account in these cases, which has to do with entering the phone number in a SIM slot of any mobile device and then on the same computer, also download WhatsApp APK for manual installation. As the installation process begins, you will need to put the SIM number that you have inserted in the mobile, and when you receive the authentication code, place it on your tablet instead of the mobile, of course.

Once you have carried out those first steps to add contacts in WhatsApp for tablets, the next thing will be to go to a PC, to, and then enter the data of the tablet in question, entering the account, and then going directly to the logical section, which is Contacts. When you have done it, you have to press on the icon to add a new contact, which is distinguished by a red circle with a + symbol and which is located at the bottom right of the screen.

When you have passed this when adding contacts in WhatsApp for tablets, then it will be time to click on the icon in question, adding all the information from the different fields, in order to have a complete file of that contact to which you just added . When you have completed all these fields that we said, you go back to the Google account, and enable with a ticket in the Contacts option, and then go to the icon with the three dots and select Synchronize now.

If you have finished with all the previous points that we have mentioned, then it is time to see that in the Contacts section that is part of the Google account, a symbol with three dots will appear which is the one that talks about the synchronization with the other possible devices. You should have no doubts and everything should be working, but as we always say, you can leave us any comment within the article that will be answered as soon as possible.

Have you been able to install contacts from your tablet on WhatsApp with this step by step?