WhatsApp How to Put the Spell Checker in WhatsApp Many people have spelling problems, some more serious than others ...

WhatsApp How to Put the Spell Checker in WhatsApp Many people have spelling problems, some more serious than others …

Many people have spelling problems, some more serious than others, which causes certain complications when they must write a document, be it formal or simply be in contact with someone of great importance, such as a teacher, boss, director, etc. It is for this reason that you always have to write with the best possible spelling and without errors. Luckily, mobiles have a help for this, and here you will learn how to put the spell checker on WhatsApp.

From the misuse of the H to the lack of accents or the disuse of commas and periods followed by the cases, the best solution for a correct writing on mobile phones is with the use of google keyboard, which has a very good feature, which is the automatic spell checker.

Put the spell checker on WhatsApp

The Google keyboard helps us to type faster with the help of certain very interesting functions such as voice writing. This works in a very simple way, you speak to the mobile and it automatically writes what you say without any spelling errors.

It is very simple to use, in turn, too you can use gestures to make it much easier to use the mobile, so this will improve your spelling a lot, especially if you use social networks where you are more exposed.

Download the spell checker on WhatsApp

Downloading this application is very simple, in addition, it is completely free and you can find it in the Google Play Store from Android. To download it, you just have to do the following:

1.- Enter the Play Store from the applications directory.

2.- In the search bar write “Google keyboard”. When you have obtained the application you must click on it. If you don’t get it you can use this link.

3.- Now you must locate the green button that says Install and accept the windows that appear.

4.- Wait for the application to download and you can use it without problems.

This application is very good, it has a few functions, among which we can mention:

  • Voice typing without spelling errors.
  • Writing through gestures.
  • Allows the use of emoticons.
  • Word suggestions, predictions and automatic corrections.
  • Gesture cursor control.
  • New words are automatically added to the dictionary.
  • Suggestion of symbols.
  • Capital letters are placed automatically.
  • Quick symbols.
  • Automatic scoring.

The Google keyboard to improve spelling in WhatsApp

This application allows you to improve your spelling, thus avoiding terrible spelling mistakes in an automatic way. It is highly recommended if you use applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, Text Editorsetc., where you usually write daily and could make a serious spelling mistake, which is very uncomfortable while writing relevant text.

In short, it is one of the best applications if you want put the spell checker on WhatsAppIt’s completely free and it already has many downloads, which means that it is a very good and reliable application, so it is guaranteed that you will leave spelling errors in the past.