WhatsApp Chains The best jokes to send on WhatsAppWhatsApp is the best instant messaging application in the whole ...

WhatsApp Chains The best jokes to send on WhatsAppWhatsApp is the best instant messaging application in the whole …

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging application in the world, or to avoid putting it in those terms, we can say that it is one of the most users have, something that does not support discussion. Of course, we can absolutely give it the use that interests us the most. But we know that many groups of friends take advantage of the options of this application to have fun in a big way, and that some users will be looking for the best jokes to send on WhatsApp right now.

If necessary, we have to say that if we take a look at the web, we can find a huge number of sites where some of the best jokes to send via WhatsApp are available to us, although it is somewhat cumbersome to have to copy them, and then be sending them. In any case, We recommend downloading a joke application to send by WhatsApp for Android, so now we are going to show you two that we have among the best in the field so that you take them into account.


The best prank apps to send on WhatsApp

Jokes for WhatsApp and compliments (download)

Well, we start with what for many is the best application in the segment, one that makes it very clear what it is from the first moment: Jokes for WhatsApp and compliments. About this app we have to say that it is one of the best for the amount of messages and emojis that are part of its catalog. If you have a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or party, do not hesitate to search among its contents. Just by navigating within the app and choosing the phrase we want to send, or the exact emoji, you can send it through the main messenger in the world.

Jokes (download)

Jokes is the simple name of the second of the applications that we want to recommend to all our readers when it comes to making a joke related to these topics. In this regard we must say that it is a very well organized app, in different categories so we always get what we are looking for. If you want to have a little fun with your partner, your friends or work colleagues, it has to offer you a lot of interesting content, and you don’t need to have experience with other previous apps to see how it works.

Juasapp (download)

And we end directly with Juasapp, one that as we can see makes fun of the messenger in some way regarding his name, although it is really exceptional if we think about the moment when we want to have fun with all our contacts of the messenger. The truth is that it has a large number of phone jokes included, so you will drive all your friends crazy who will not understand who is calling them. In addition, as the call does not go from your mobile, it does not have any additional cost.

Which of these joke apps for WhatsApp do you think is the best?