WhatsApp chains The best chains for drunk WhatsApp Everyone can go through a drunkenness, and sure but ...

WhatsApp chains The best chains for drunk WhatsApp Everyone can go through a drunkenness, and sure but …

Anyone can go through a binge, and sure but surely you have a friend who goes through a binge more frequently than would be recommended, reason enough to play a joke on it. Indeed, you can do it using an application that today everyone has installed on their mobile phones, as is obviously the case with WhatsApp.

In this article we are going to teach you some of the best drunk chains for WhatsApp, including drunk sentences and drunk jokes, which will surely bring a smile to you and your group of friends. Thanks to these drunk jokes you will surely have a fun time, so the best thing you can do is send them to all the WhatsApp groups that you are part of right now.


Drunk jokes

There were two drunks in a bar and one asked the other: – Hey buddy, hip, why do you like to drink?. And the other answers: – Pos to see me more handsome, beautiful, and beautiful. The first drunk He asks again: – And why do you say that you look more handsome, beautiful and beautiful? .- Pos, because when I get home my wife tells me, “very nice, very nice”.

A child asks his father very interested.- Dad, how do you know that a person is drunk? .- Well, easy son, do you see those two men who come around? If I were drunk I would see four! .- Dad, if only one comes!

These are two who were super drunk in a bar about to close: – Hey, why don’t we go to my house to continue with the party? – No, better to mine, which is close.- Let’s see, let’s see Which is closer. They come to the corner, stop and say: – We are here, this is my house.- It can’t be, it is also mine.- We will call. That way we will know whose it is. They knock on the door, the owner comes out and says: – Very nice, drunk father and son!

A drunk man is riding a motorcycle and collides with a traffic signal. Then the policeman arrives and asks him: – Sir, didn’t you see the arrow? The drunkard answers: – Not even the Indian who threw it at me.

A drunk man enters his house, all stained with lipstick all over the place, a mess, and the woman asks him: – But what happened to you? And the drunk man replies: – You’re not going to believe me, I fought with a clown!

Drunk Prayer Chain

Saint Friday divine, Saint Friday beloved, take care of my intestine, large and small.

Protect my pancreasunq drink what I drink that is not my last fart tonight.

I entrust my liver to your holy hand, and what I am drinking I urinate without harm.

Let my sight not cloud and that when walking I do not fall on the track.

That when paying the bill you take care of my money because I have some friends who don’t even give for the waiter.

Let me see it light the next day, but don’t sit in the corner.

Free me from vomit, diarrhea and headache, take away my sourness and dry mouth.