WhatsApp chains Halloween horror messages for WhatsAppOctober 31 is the day when it is celebrated ...

WhatsApp chains Halloween horror messages for WhatsAppOctober 31 is the day when it is celebrated …

October 31 is the day when celebrate Halloween, a while ago it was a very popular celebration only in the United States, while little by little it is spreading in the world, in some places with more success than in others obviously.

It is normal that events based on Halloween are held on these dates, both in bars, in the street, gardens, schools, commercial premises, etc. That is why it is not too strange to wish every so often a “happy Halloween”And nothing better than doing that with one or another message really prepared for the occasion through WhatsApp, you know what they say, that what counts is the intention.

Horror chains for Halloween

But the best way to do it is with a chain of terrorIt is those that scare, obviously not all your friends will believe it, they will not even read it, but it is a good way to even scare a little those friends who are not even capable of watching a horror movie accompanied by someone, a good way to make a entertaining joke, but without bad intentions or maybe a little bit of bad intentions.

We leave you the chain that you can send to wish in an original way a “Happy Halloween”Below:

A year ago, a girl named Kathy was hated by everyone. Everyone laughed at her, she was ignored, even by messages. One day, she decided to kill herself. She jumped out of her window, no one noticed until people started disappearing. Kathy had bewitched them. She made them suffer as she did. She repeatedly hung up on them and stabbed them very slowly so they might suffer as she did. If you don’t send this message to 15 different comments, you will die tonight for Kathy. Because she considered ignoring you. Example 1: Marcos looked at the first sentence and said, “Spam” and the next day the neighbors found him in his backyard, dead. Example 2: Joane was alone. She had no children or husband. She had a lot of friends. When she had a bedroom with them she quickly had to check her email. She saw this message and sent only 6 people because she thought she could not die that night because she was surrounded by people. Joane’s friends the next morning found her in her bathtub, dead. If you don’t send this, KATHY will find you.

As you will see is a horror chain for whatsapp quite entertaining and very original, it is a simple scary message for whatsapp that you can send to all your contacts on this unique, special date.