Maria Montero

What (we think) we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 will be unveiled at an event in San Francisco on February 20. Of this we know with certainty. Samsung sent out invitations to the event with a giant number a few weeks ago. It’s clear that the company is looking to get ahead of what should be a fairly action-packed Mobile World Congress this year.

We also know that the event will be an occasion for the company to express its next folding version. Samsung told you a lot during its last developer conference, and for good measure, the invite also sported a big fold in the middle. The S10, however, is sure to be the real star of the show.

And in typical Samsung fashion, the new flagship has been leaking like crazy since late last year. By now, it seems, we’ve seen phones from every conceivable angle. So this is what we know, or what we think we know, at least.

For starters, Samsung is skipping the notch entirely, jumping straight from the slim top bezel to the hole cutout, what the company called its “Infinity O” display. It’s pretty much the same as found on the recently revealed Galaxy A9 Pro. The S10 +, meanwhile, will feature an oblong version of the hole punch, ostensibly to include a second front camera.

Interestingly, it is believed that there will be three S10 models that will be announced on the 20th. You have your standard S10 (6.1 inches), the S10 Plus (6.4 inches) and a budget version (5.8 inches), which will be somewhat similar to the Samsung version. of the iPhone XR. Among other things, the product may be devoid of the curved screens that have become a mainstay of the Galaxy line.

With Samsung’s Note issues in the rearview mirror, the company is reportedly increasing battery life, with the S10 at 3,100 mAh and the Plus at an incredible 4,100 mAh capacity. Huge if true.

Less surprising is the inclusion of the Snapdragon 855, which is going to power virtually every flagship non-iPhone product this year. The same goes for Android Pie. However, 5G is much less secure. While it’s true that Samsung has already announced that not one but two company phones will be coming with next-gen cellular technology, we can’t say for sure if the S10 will be among them.

That said, rumors about a state-of-the-art Galaxy S10 X are not out of the question. That seems more likely than Samsung putting it on the base model. After all, 5G won’t hit a saturation point this year. That could bring the number of S10 models up to four.

Similarly, rumors around the headphone jack are all over the place. The latest images, however, seem to confirm that Samsung will stick with it, being one of the last flagships to show off in the ubiquitous port.