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What iLife is missing (4). iPhoto ’08

1. Creating panoramic photos

Many image editing applications and many cameras include a system for easily creating panoramas from a series of images. This is a way to take better pictures of landscapes or places where a single snapshot is not enough. It shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate this feature into iPhoto and it would add a real bonus to our photo library.

2. Creation of panoramas in QuickTime VR

In this case the situation is very similar to what we find with the creation of panoramic photographs. It would be about allowing VR panoramas to be created from several images. It would certainly be a very interesting function to show landscapes or, to be used for educational purposes or for things like the sale of a property.

3. Export of passes to Flash or DivX format

Once we have a slideshow created and we want to share it with family and friends, we have it very easy thanks to the possibilities offered by Apple’s .Mac service, but if we want to do it without being subscribed to .Mac we don’t have many possibilities. For this reason, it would be very interesting if iPhoto allowed us to import a slide show as if it were a conventional video (with sound), for example in DivX or Flash format to easily integrate it into any blog or website that we want.

4. More image formats

The truth is that the imports of images that are mainly made on iPhoto are of photographs in JPEG, TIFF and RAW formats, the three formats that Apple has considered of greatest interest to its users and of which it ensures full compatibility (indicates that “Others formats may also work, but will not be fully supported ”). Among those formats that also work are, for example, BMP and GIF, but this is not enough. As soon as you browse the Internet a bit and exchange photos with other friends, you will notice how many times you come across very interesting images that are not in the three formats officially supported by Apple.

5. Covers for picture CD or DVD recordings

We are not always connected to the Internet nor do we have access to the .Mac account, so the option to burn the images directly onto a CD is a very useful option to give a family member who visits us a copy of a family event or to make a friend stop asking us insistently for the photos of the last meeting of friends. But when you finish recording the photos and hand them over to someone else, the CD becomes very cold and impersonal. For this reason, it would not hurt if iPhoto has a simple tool that allows you to create a DVD or CD cover (back and front cover) and even an adhesive label for the surface of the CD. We would easily customize the recording in a few moments and surprise our friends.

6. Automatic cropping of images

Keynote incorporates a very simple and effective system to eliminate the background of an image by creating an alpha channel of transparency. Wow, wouldn’t that be great to have in iPhoto?

7. Automatic decompression of image files