What are gyroscope phones? Possibly since Pokémon GO came out, gyroscope phones started ...

What are gyroscope phones? Possibly since Pok√©mon GO came out, gyroscope phones started …

Possibly since Pokémon GO came out, phones with gyroscopes began to be more in demand, not to mention virtual reality and 360-degree videos. In short, this technology is increasingly in demand, which, ironically, is not found on all mobile devices. That is why in this article I want to comment on which devices of the most popular the gyroscope comes how much do you want to use.

Which phone has gyroscope

The gyroscope is essential for many things that are interestingIt is not exactly life or death at all, but the truth is that there are certain things you could do with the gyroscope that are very entertaining and, in addition, it is a technology that should come in most devices.

What happens is that on many occasions these kinds of things are not added to obviously lower costs.

Mobile devices that do not have a gyroscope per se cannot take 360-degree photos, for example, cannot play 100% games like Pokémon GOAlthough, in the latter, it is possible to enjoy it without a gyroscope, it is not the same at all.

The gyroscope generally comes in high-end devices, it is rare to see a mid-range phone that has this technology, not to mention that if we are going to the case it is impossible for a low-end mobile to have it precisely.

The Samsung Js, for example, none of these devices have a gyroscope. Instead, those of the family Galaxy S and Galaxy A all have gyroscope, there you realize the difference.

How to tell if my phone has a gyroscope

Also if we are going to the case there is a very good application to know if your mobile phone has a gyroscope, said app is called “Sensor Box for Android” which you can download by following this link from the Play Store, completely free of charge. With this app you can check if you actually have a gyroscope on your mobile device or not.

But taking into account for the things that such technology is used, it is not really that it is extremely necessary, if we are to the case it is something for which it would not be worth changing the device since, for example, in the case of the Samsung J7 Prime that it does not bring it, it is a high quality device with very good specifications at an extremely accessible price, but without a gyroscope, you will not stop buying a mobile for something that is little used and nothing, right?