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Western Digital 750GB Hard Drive Available

The WD Caviar SE16 750GB Serial ATA drive from Western Digital offers transfer speeds of up to 3Gb / sg, 16MB cache, and Native Command Queuing (NCQ) support. The drive also utilizes all three Western Digital technologies aimed at increasing drive performance and reliability.

According to Western Digital, SecurePark technology improves durability and long-term shock resistance by parking the recording heads from the disk surface during startup, landing and non-operating times. StableTrac technology reduces operational vibration by securing the motor shaft at both ends. The third technology, IntelliSeek, controls the drive motor so that the disk head reaches the target sector more smoothly just in time to read the next bit of information. Western Digital indicates that the technology reduces power consumption by more than 60 percent compared to drives that lack IntelliSeek, plus it also reduces vibration.

The unit, with the model number WD7500AAKS, is available now with a guide price of $ 249.