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Western Digital 750GB Business Disk

The WD RE2 (RAID Edition) Hard Drive is specially designed for business storage needs. It offers a transfer speed of 3 GB / sec, Native Command Queuing (NCQ) and a 16 MB cache, with a mean time between failures (MTTF) of 1.2 million hours in high demand environments.

The unit is aimed at services such as file servers, and mail servers, where fast access and constant service is required. It incorporates an improved system for vibration absorption, as well as improvements to reduce energy consumption and noise.

The unit incorporates Western Digital’s SecurePark technology in charge of parking the recording heads when the turntables begin to turn, when they stop and when the unit is in idle state. Furthermore, IntelliSeek technology reduces the movement of the head actuator, thereby reducing the energy used by more than 60 percent.