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WD achieves the highest density hard drive

WD has managed to achieve 520 GB / sq in using its own Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) / (TuMR) tunnel magnetoresistance technology. This level of density produces 3.5-inch drives capable of storing up to 640GB per platter, thus achieving capacities of up to 3TB on a single hard drive. Based on the current industry disk density growth rate of more than 40% per year, these capabilities are expected to be available by 2010.

Major hard drive companies are offering maximum capacities of 200Gb / square inch, such as the 2.5-inch drive for WD Scorpio 250GB notebooks and mobile drives that began shipping in May 2007.

“WD was the first hard drive manufacturer to market 250GB capacity drives in 2.5-inch drives,” says Hossein Moghadam, WD Chief Technology Officer. “Our technological investments position WD with our clients as the best option to obtain large capacities with the highest technology. Our priority is to focus above all on providing the highest quality and reliability to WD customers after years of trust in our products. “

WD achieved the density of 520 Gb / sq. In. At its Magnetic Head Operation labs in Fremont, California, earlier this month. Moghadam adds, “The feat was performed using our own MgO reader, showing the extension of the PMR-TuMR head technology generations into the future.”