Wallpapers The best images of Valentine's Day 2020 Valentine's Day 2017 has already passed a few weeks ago, and yet…

Wallpapers The best images of Valentine’s Day 2020 Valentine’s Day 2017 has already passed a few weeks ago, and yet…

Valentine’s Day 2017 has already passed a few weeks ago, and yet at MiraComoHacerlo we always believe that it is a good time to show that special person how much you love them, which is why today we are going to teach you not only some of the best phrases to honor them , but also several images that you can surely use when it comes to illustrating the love you have for that person who has changed your life. Here are many of the best images and phrases of Valentine’s Day.

And several Valentine’s phrases too

1. You showed up without warning. My life was completed and now it makes sense. I would not change it for anything, or for anyone.

2. The brightness of your eyes, your breath, your warmth… they make my heart beat.

3. To be by your side forever, to hear your voice is all I want. There will be nothing that can fill my life with happiness and illusion.

Four. You drive me crazy I am learning that this sweet and happy form of freaking out is the best way to live. Don’t ever leave me.

5. You absorb me, you penetrate me, you fill my cravings. You are becoming the only important thing in my life.

6. Deeply in love with you, I begin to know who I am. Although I only really care about you.

7. I was born to live and die by your side and when this happens, my soul will never be separated from you. I am fused to you.

8. Thank you for existing, I would invent you if I had not met you. I couldn’t live without being with you.

9. It’s hard for all people not to love you just to see you. But truly love you to despair, only me.

10. I do not care if we are different, that we think very differently, that we are not compatible … It is enough for me to agree with you in wanting to be together forever.

eleven. The first kiss united us forever and each time I kiss you again the universe lights up and renews our love.

12. You have made me feel like a new woman. You make me want to improve every day. You are my guide and my benefactor.

13. Every night I dream of you and every morning I wake up with the illusion of seeing you, hearing you, even if you don’t know it yet

14. The more stones I find on our way, the more I want to continue walking with you. The word impossible with you does not exist.

fifteen. Without you it would be hard for me to live, your presence gives me life, I breathe and beat with the rhythm of your heart, I need you.

16. You are the best thing that has happened to me in life. A thousand times that I could live and a thousand times I would repeat the same love story with you.

17. Every night I die in your arms and every morning the sun rises and sets with you. I wouldn’t trade this routine for anything.

18. What I feel for you is so strong that it will warm your house for the rest of your life.

19. I will never tell you that I love you, but let me show you every minute for the rest of my life. you want?

twenty. You have changed the argument of my life. It is impossible that there is a love novel as beautiful as ours. On every page, in every paragraph you are.

twenty-one. With you I feel invincible, you give me encouragement, strength, energy, together I have learned that there is nothing that can come between us.

22. Without you my life has no meaning, my soul wanders lost and my heart is lost.

2. 3. I am made to measure, if you miss me I am incomplete Let me steal your heart and I will be able to live happily.

24. Hearing your name makes me shudder, saying it relieves me, calling you agitates me. Come and don’t make me wait any longer.

25. I perceive something new within me…. something fiery, incredible, magical and romantic: you.

26. You are everything to me: cheerful, refined, interesting, romantic, cautious, reckless, predictable, mysterious, cold, warm, infinite and human.

27. You are everything to me: friend, partner, confidant, accomplice, understanding, loyal, tender, loving, infinite and human.

28. With you all the days of the calendar are Valentine’s.

29. I want the waves of the sea to bring to the shore of my life the greatest treasure on earth: you.

30. You and I don’t need words, by looking at each other and touching we know everything about each other.

31. Blue eyes, strawberry lips, perfume of roses and carnations … With so much charm you drive me more and more crazy every day.

32. I would be able to give you everything without receiving anything in return. I confess that I am your slave and I would renounce my freedom a thousand times to get your love.

33. You are so special and unique that you drive me crazy with desire and I will never be able to control it.

3. 4. You are my silence in the middle of the noise, my light in the darkness, my refuge in the storm, you are my life …

35. Every second without you is perpetuity; every day by your side a second.