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VMware on the hunt for Parallels

VMware has indicated that its Fusion software will be available in advance for $ 40 or $ 80 once it is available as a final version towards the end of August. Parallels Desktop for Mac is priced at $ 80 in version 3.0, with an upgrade price of $ 40. Both products allow Mac users to run Windows operating system alongside Mac OS X simultaneously.

VMware has already released Fusion Beta 4 for Mac. In addition to running the Windows operating system, both products can also run the Linux and Solaris operating systems.

VMware indicates that a key feature of Fusion, called Unity, allows for seamless integration between Mac and Windows applications, comparable to Parallels’ Coherence feature, except that with Unity the icons for Windows applications will be displayed alongside Mac applications on the OS X Dock.

As stated by Patrick Lee, VMware Senior Product Manager, “Unity enables Windows applications to function like Mac applications. VMware’s Fusion Launcher feature allows you to easily search and find Windows applications from your Mac without have to perform any other additional operations. You don’t have to use the Windows Start menu. “

VMware and Parallels will work with the next version of Mac OS X 10.5, called Leopard, which is scheduled to be released next October. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference that Leopard will include Boot Camp as a standard feature. Boot Camp also allows a Mac computer to run Windows, although not simultaneously.