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VMWare Fusion Beta 4 compatible with Boot Camp

The virtualization software does not require a computer restart unlike Boot Camp. The new beta version of Fusion incorporates important changes, such as the feature called Unity, which allows you to run Windows XP applications on the Mac desktop, similar to what happens with Parallels Coherence mode. A palette called Fusion Launch allows you to access Windows applications, as well as save Windows favorites to the Mac OS X dock.

This new version also includes the ability to use a current BootCamp partition as a virtual machine, so that no additional hard drive space (or other Windows license) needs to be dedicated to VMware Fusion. The new version adds “experimental” support for Windows Vista and improves the detection of a Boot Camp partition. Additionally, it now automatically updates Windows to use the optimized drivers when operating in virtual machine mode.

VMware has also improved startup time, providing faster application startups and performance improvements in interaction processes as well as a customizable tool palette.