Viral Videos September 8


One more week passes, and the world of the Internet surprises us with its curiosities. This week there are many children and viral animals, as always, I hope you have fun, comment and share. If you have a suggested video for the virals of the week, don’t hesitate to pass it on to me.

This is the geekiest human band I’ve ever seen

This one man band plays the main theme of Star Wars in the streets, definitely has a lot of rhythm

The rapper dog

Not much to say, this is already an internet classic, his master likes to rap with his dog

This boy is stressed about having 3 girlfriends

5 years are a difficult age, and the mother of this child must support him in his complicated decision

May this never happen to our NairoMan

This cyclist started celebrating after winning and hit a tremendous fall, at least he won …

This little girl definitely knows how to move

This Korean girl may have invented a new dance style

This could be the cutest Karaoke I’ve ever seen

This girl’s younger brother steals the show by singing iron music

And this is how you hold an emu back towards you

I don’t know what it can do in real life, but at least you know what to do.

Some celebrities read offensive tweets against them

It’s amazing what people can write about celebrities on social media, but seeing them personally reading an offensive comment is interesting.

Viral Videos May 31 is a compilation of the most viewed in the different social networks collected in Youtube.