Viral Videos September 8

Viral Videos September 8

It has been a long time since I made a compilation of viral videos, so I have taken some good videos so that they have an excellent start to the week. Hope you like them and comment what are your favorite viral videos. See you see the next installment of the best viral videos.

Spider dog

This man has disguised his spider dog and then released it on the street, observe the reactions of the people.

Clever rabbit

It is a very important competition, but this rabbit is not willing to jump the obstacle.

The spoiler is never missing

Everyone is having fun with the ball until this man appears on the scene.

The best shot of a GO-PRO and a puppy

This dog definitely loves water … and running, running a lot.

In the name of science

The best experiments are sometimes the ones that are totally meaningless, so why not put a bunch of party whistles on the back of the car?

Ice Bucket Challenge of some nuns

There is not much to say here, just a group of nuns “supporting” a good cause.

Just an ostrich on the track

A normal day on the streets of I don’t know where, when suddenly, bummm an ostrich running through the streets.