Viral Videos September 8


This week Colombia is advancing to the round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and we Colombians are very excited. So in commemoration of the sportsmanship of these days, we are going to see a few viral videos this week on the theme of matches of all kinds, may the best win!

Humans vs escalators

Some “very smart” characters believe they can play with escalators in shopping malls and get away unscathed.

Dog vs treadmill

This dog cheats in his morning training but his owner catches him in the plot

Police vs offender

The owner of this motorcycle thought he could get away with it when a police officer wanted to give him a fine, what he did not count on was that this law enforcement officer was very committed.

Water vs Shampoo

This poor boy just wants to shampoo off his head, but his friends are determined not to give it up

Father vs son

World Cup fever infects even the little ones, and this child thinks he can be the team’s technical director, or will it be his father?

Dogs vs cats

One of the oldest battles in the animal kingdom, in this video the dogs retaliate for years of cat scratching. How? Very simple, sit in the face of your enemy.

Women VS Camel Vs Pant

Well, this is a triple fight in a circus, a girl, a camel and a torn pants, who will win?

Man vs liquor

The liquor makes drunks believe they can do anything, what they don’t expect is that someone is recording them when they do their “feats”.