Viral Videos September 8

Viral Videos June 21

One more week that ends, and one more week that Colombia fills us with joy in the World Cup, and that is why speaking of the World Cup, this time we have some viral videos that have come out of the things that happen behind the scenes. Likewise, the crazy animals and all the strange advertisements that every week become a viral sensation cannot be missed.

Mesi mesii !!! mesiiiccoo! hehehe

This is how Mexicans trolled Argentine fans

The boy who wanted to say hello to Messi

Speaking of Messi, this video is shooting this week, of a child who could not receive Messi’s greeting, surely because he did not see it

What if selfies were taken in great movies?

The characters of the great movies taking a selfie

I think you are absolutely right

This baby is having a tough argument with his dog, and I think he’s telling the whole truth

This happens when you lie on your first period

This young girl wanted to get her way, but her mom came out more alive

A great compilation of FAILs in the pool

Lots of falls, and lots of bumps and a few pretty girls too

A 5-year-old boy teaches how to rap

This little guy teaches us how to make our own rap video in 30 seconds, the key is to talk about our problems