Viral Videos September 8

Viral Videos June 14

This week that is ending leaves us with many joys and emotions. We are already in the middle of the soccer world cup and it was not to be expected that some of the most popular videos on social networks were related to this sport. However, as always, we have a bit of everything, from politics, to crazy animals, to babies and everything that the Internet can offer us.

Parody of “we are one” The official theme of the World Cup

It is true that the opening ceremony of the World Cup was a bit simple for my liking, but this video parody of the official theme says that it does the singers a lot of justice, you judge

J-LO dance with Shakira?

This small short that Jennifer López uploaded to her Facebook account has caused all kinds of comments, but the one that sounds the most is that it is an intentional mockery of J-Lo towards Shakira’s way of dancing at the end of the video. says goodbye saying “who said I was not coming?” I suppose that alluding to the rumors that said that he would not be present at the opening ceremony

A bit of political humor

It is not to support one or the other of the candidates, but this animated short is definitely very well done that is worth sharing.

And this is how it feels to be on the bench

With so much World Cup fever, the creatives of plugTV bring us this sketch that tells what the players on the substitute bench feel. I don’t know about you but I think it’s the story of many when they finally get the chance to go out on the field.

And this is how you should NOT park the car

An incredible and funny compilation of catastrophic parking errors (don’t let this happen to you) and by the way it is pure and mere coincidence that the vast majority of drivers in these videos are women, do not think badly

The calmest man in the world

This cameraman is dressed by a huge elephant and acts with the greatest tranquility in the world by stopping it. He definitely has a lot of balls

Holy SH * T!

It does NOT seem very real, but in any case it is a good video, of a scare that a diver went through when he encountered a shark that was supposedly in the water

Puppy + leaf blower = pure fun

The owners of this puppy noticed that he loved the leaf blower, so they decided to give him an air of action in the face hehehe

Auchhh I think someone lost their job

A Seat Leon rally car is dropped from a crane that was lifting it, leaving it smashed against the pavement

Happy early father’s day

Father’s Day is approaching, and these little ones do the best of honors to their parents

Viral Videos June 14 is a compilation of the most viewed on different social networks and published in Youtube.