Viral Videos September 8


A week that is halfway through, a month that is coming to an end, and today I felt like raising my mood a bit, and what better way to do it than with some good viral videos. The internet will never stop giving us a bit of good humor and smiles thanks to the occurrences, FAILS and all kinds of crazy things that can be found daily.

And this is how you park a car

This boy or girl, what do I know, leaves everyone speechless after parking his car

I want my brother never to grow up

I love how the baby does not notice anything hehehe

No more selfies, says nature

Here the divine punishment, that a goose gives a poor tourist

A little basic math

If I travel 80 miles per hour to a location 80 miles away and leave at 2 pm, what time do I arrive? easy right? Well this girl couldn’t handle the problem

The ATMs that give thanks

We would all like in these latitudes that the ATMs were this generous

Silly thief

This thief needs a new pair of glasses, because he was not able to see his escape route within a few seconds of entering to steal

These are 10 ways to win bets

A collection of 10 tricks you can do to win money for your friends in gambling

This “magician” will play with your mind

The trick is partly that the chosen card is among the last and takes a little longer to disappear (at least I think so)

These guys do get the beat out of beer

A Michael Jackson classic performed with beer bottles

Viral Videos July 30 is a compilation of the most viewed on different social networks and published in Youtube.