Erica Flores

Verizon will now charge more money for in-store activations …

Verizon is modifying its activation fee structure to incentivize customers to buy new phones online, according to CNET. Before this week, the standard activation fee for both an in-store activation and buying a new phone online was $ 30. Now, Verizon says you can save $ 10 when you buy a new phone online by paying just $ 20 to activate, while doing it through a Verizon retail store will cost you $ 40. Changes will take effect Thursday. CNET reports.

Typically, these activation fees tend to increase or decrease depending on a number of conditions, such as whether you are on a prepaid or monthly plan, and whether you are purchasing a new phone on a new line of service or simply upgrading a Device. on an existing service line. At this time, it’s unclear what conditions these new Verizon terms apply to, but it seems likely that they’ll apply to both updates and new device activations, according to CNET.

These price changes place Verizon slightly below other operators for online shopping, although every major telco has adjusted the cost of rates both over the years and over the years. AT&T still charges $ 25 if you bring your own phone to the network, or $ 45 if you’re on one of their virtually eliminated two-year contracts, which are only available for select phones. Sprint charges $ 30 regardless, while T-Mobile says it doesn’t have an activation fee, but in fact charges you $ 25 for a SIM starter kit which is actually the same as an activation fee.

In this case, it’s unclear why Verizon is charging more for in-store activations, though CNET reports that the company is calling for its in-store activations involve the “full service experience,” whatever that is.