Maria Montero

Valve lets you stream Steam games from anywhere

Valve doesn’t want to miss out on the cloud gaming bandwagon. As PC Gamer discovered, the company quietly released a beta version of Steam Link Anywhere. As the name suggests, it allows you to turn your gaming PC into a cloud game server and stream games from… anywhere.

The company’s strategy is a bit puzzling here as Valve recently discontinued its hardware set-top box, the Steam Link. While the valve could be done on the hardware side, the company is still iterating on Steam Application link.

You can now download the Steam Link app on an Android phone, Android TV device, or Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, Valve has yet to find a way to launch its Steam Link app on the App Store for iOS devices and the Apple TV. You can start Steam on your computer and play demanding PC games on other screens.

Steam Link works well on a local network, especially if you use Ethernet cables between all your devices. With Steam Link Anywhere, your performance will vary based on your home internet connection. If you don’t have a fiber optic connection at home, the latency could be too high to play any game.

Now let’s see if Valve plans to flip the switch and allow you to run Steam games on a server in a data center near you. That would make Steam Link Anywhere a Shadow competitor.

Microsoft recently showed Forza Horizon 4 running on an Android phone thanks to the xCloud Project. Google has also been teasing its Game Developers Conference to learn more about its game projects. It is clear that everyone wants to make 2019 the year of cloud gaming.