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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

We all love receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day (or any other day). It’s nice if you’re on the receiving end, but it’s challenging when you’re the one delivering the gift (or gifts). Valentine’s Day may not be as big as your birthday, but it is important nonetheless, and a good occasion to deliver a thoughtful gift to the one you love.

Our selection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas isn’t just for those who want more tech, but also for those who want to take a break. Image: tech2 / Sheldon Pinto

Smartphone recommendations

There are the usual recommendations for smartphones, but other than cost, most of us will already have one. However, if the one you love is looking for an upgrade, you can check out our top smartphone picks if you’re looking for gadgets. below Rs 10,000, under Rs 15,000, under Rs 20,000 or up to Rs 30,000.

We also have recommendations if you are looking. value for money smart phones.

How am I supposed to use these phones with one hand?  Image credit: Tech2 / Sheldon Pinto.

Premium smartphone emblems are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for those who want to splurge. Image: Tech2 / Sheldon Pinto

And if you’re the type who can’t hold back, take a look at our The best list of flagship smartphones. before emptying your bank account.

But if smartphones don’t interest you or the one you love the most, here are some great gift ideas for those who are tech savvy, for those who aren’t, and even those who want to get away from it all.

Bluetooth Speakers

Everyone listens to music. Even if you don’t like music, you can also fill your room with some soothing ambient sounds or meditative melodies and just… chill (once you keep your smartphone on DND). Whether on the go or at home, a Bluetooth speaker is a must. They’re easy to set up, plug into your smartphone, and are cable-free (except when you have to charge them).

The range of colors and styles is incredible.

The Ultimate Ear’s Wonderboom speakers look colorful and incredibly stylish.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom it’s a fresh and colorful offering at Rs 4,999. Another powerful and portable offering comes from JBL and is called the Flip 4 (around Rs 7,200). It’s not as bulky as the Pulse or Charge 3, but it packs a punch that’s enough to fill a room. Bose ‘SoundLink Color II it’s another cool alternative at Rs 8,625.

Smart speakers

For all the lazy people out there or those with physical disabilities, home automation could help.

Once set up, these smart speakers help you get things done. From controlling lighting to playing a favorite TV show to even buying things online, smart speakers come to use, provided you set them up correctly.

AI Enabled Speakers - Amazon's Echo and Google Home