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Users want iPods with built-in FM radio

This study was carried out between the months of February and March by a consultant in various radio stations, said consultant was Jacobs Media. The data were taken from a group of more than 25,000 listeners from 69 “rock” radio stations in the United States.

Since the survey began in February 2005, MP3 player sales have risen to 47 percent in 2006, increasing by 34 percent. The survey asked those who do not yet own one of these devices if they intend to purchase the one they did in 2007. Almost half, 45 percent, indicated they were likely to do so. One in ten, 12 percent, responded that they were very likely to buy them in 2007.

But what users want the most is for their device to have a built-in FM radio, according to a report 33 percent of those surveyed. These features are more important to users than a very large storage capacity, larger screen or video playback.