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Updated Sandvox for Leopard

Sandvox allows you to create websites visually, by editing live text, using drag and drop to assemble the different components and more than 40 different template designs. It can be used to serve podcasts, blogs, videocasts, and other information. The Pro version adds features like HTML code editing, Google webmaster tools, e-commerce options, and Flash support.

In addition to support for Mac OS X 10.5, Sandvox 1.2.4 improves compatibility with iLife ’08 by correcting and saving pointers to used materials aliases. It also maintains consistency in the size of the text used for the title on all pages of the site, improves various layouts and improves compatibility with different browsers. A bug related to the duplication of references to materials has also been resolved.

Sandvox has a license price of $ 49 for the standard version and $ 79 for the pro version.