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Unmasked the fake Steve Jobs

New York Times reporter Brad Stone has unmasked the fake Steve Jobs. This is Forbes magazine technology editor Daniel Lyons, author of the blog “Steve Jobs’s Secret Diary,” a satirical look at the CEO of Apple.

Lyons has confessed to being perplexed by the time that has elapsed until he has been identified. He has been blogging for over a year, and at no point did anyone suspect that he was the author of this funny and scathing satire.

Lyons has already published two books. The third, “Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs. A parody ”, will be published in autumn by the publishing house De Capo Press. As the title itself indicates, the book is narrated adopting the point of view of a fake Steve Jobs.

Lyons confessed to Stone that his inspiration to create the blog came from realizing that there is a small group of CEOs who blog with great media attention, but whose posts are very “light.” He decided to turn the tables by inventing the character of a fake Steve Jobs who would tell readers what he “really” thought.

Lyons has acknowledged that he has stepped into the shoes of other high-level CEOs before turning to Jobs.