Universal Remote Control Gadgets for carsAlthough it is true that normally those who read our articles find ...

Universal Remote Control Gadgets for carsAlthough it is true that normally those who read our articles find …

Although it is true that normally those who read our articles find information related to tutorial applications, and everything related to the world of mobile phones, we cannot stop considering what is related to other tricks that will surely be useful to you. The truth is that, unfortunately in many parts of the world, we find that criminals steal the cars that are left in the streets or parking lots, and today we want to give you a hand to end it.

The truth is that, as we said, there are several devices that criminals use to open the cars that have been parked on the sidewalk, so that they can open their doors, and once they have done so, steal the belongings they find in their inside. For this reason, in this article we want to show you the odd trick that we believe can be extremely useful in such cases. Basically, as the title of the article indicates, the idea is to talk about the universal remote control for cars.

In many parts of the world, the authorities are perfectly aware that universal controls can be dangerous for cars left alone on the streets, since if they work in more than one, they can perfectly open the doors of those who are far away. their owners. These universal controls that we are talking about then have a very particular way of working, to the point that They are able to open different cars regardless of the brand that made them.

Protect car from universal controls

Well, as unfortunately many criminals have found in the universal controls a method to open cars without having to force them, and therefore being less suspicious, many of our readers have been asking us how they can protect themselves from their indiscriminate use. If you want, first you have to know some more details about these devices, among which We can mention the fact that they are usually sold in stores such as AliExpress, Wish, etc..

And it is that although at first they are marketed with the intention of being used by locksmiths and professionals who only want to carry out their work, in other circumstances we also find that many criminals take advantage of them only to cause harm. This problem, in principle, mainly affects vehicles that do not have an original alarm, that is, they remain in many cases completely unprotected on the streets.

The first advice that we can give you if you want to avoid having the doors of your car forced or opened then has to do directly with do not leave conspicuous elements in sight, inside the vehicle, so as not to give criminals the idea of ​​being able to open that car to get what they are looking for. As we said before, if your car has an alarm system directly from the factory or installed in an official dealer, then there is absolutely no problem in this regard.

What other tips or tricks do you consider essential to prevent theft with universal controls in cars?