Erica Flores

UK police arrest two in connection with …

UK Police have arrested two people in connection with the flight disruptions at London Gatwick Airport. The couple, a 47-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman, were arrested Friday night, according to Sussex police.

Air traffic at Gatwick, England’s second-largest airport, was disrupted when a drone was spotted in the area on Wednesday, prompting the airport to suspend flights until Friday. The flights were diverted to other airports and authorities ended up bringing in the British Army, which media outlets say established an Israeli-built drone defense system called the “Drone Dome,” designed to intercept the radio signals from the device. Flights resumed at the airport on Friday.

Sussex Police did not identify the individuals, other than saying that they were on “suspicion of disrupting civil aviation airfield services to endanger or could endanger the safety of operations or people” and that the investigation was ongoing. According to The GuardianAuthorities are not investigating the incident as a terrorism incident, but say “an environmental protest was a possibility.”