iphone 6s review

UK iPhone puts iJailbreak out of play

Apple will make another move against iPhone hackers when it launches the product in the UK later this week.

A piece of information indicates that the device will be sold with firmware version 1.1.2. This new version disables the “TIFF exploit” used by many to unlock the iPhone so that it supports the installation of additional applications.

This move means that UK users will not be able to add unauthorized apps to the device; in addition, this update will also be published for current iPhones in the United States.

Ignoring the update is not an option for UK users with an O2 iPhone as it also enables the device’s free access to The Cloud wireless hotspot network and provides internet access via WiFi connection.

The update is also aimed at preventing hackers from unlocking the device for use with other carriers.

Apple will publish a software development kit in February 2008 that allows developers to create approved software for the iPhone.