Uber How to use Uber on BlackBerry Obviously as you should already know Uber is not officially ...

Uber How to use Uber on BlackBerry Obviously as you should already know Uber is not officially …

Obviously, as you should already know Uber is not officially for BlackBerry, at least not in the App World. Clearly, it is not something too positive to say for users who have a Smartphone of this brand and who want to use the convenient and inexpensive service that Uber offers unlike ordinary taxis. Obviously the ideal would be to have a mobile that has AndroidEven if you like the BlackBerry brand, there are several devices of this that have the google operating system, the last ones that they launched before stopping manufacturing Smartphone.


Download Uber on BlackBerry

As we said, in order to get this app you will need to have a BlackBerry with Android Because unfortunately, the devices that have the operating system of that company were never too popular, at least not at the Android level to be able to have a large number of applications that came out in the other operating system and even in Manzana. In addition, possibly devices with this OS are not at all compatible with the requirements that Uber has at present, so you do not have too many options if you want to use this app.

In case you do not want to change, keep in mind that this can end up happening with many other applications, in the end you would have too many apps without being able to use when with a change of device, especially with the Chinese that are so cheap and with such good features, you could have access to hundreds of thousands of applications without any kind of problems.


Downloading Uber for BlackBerry

Then for download Uber You will only have to follow this link that we leave you here. Once you are on the web that you opened, you will have to look for the button that says “install” now, what you have to do is accept a pop-up window that appears which asks for permissions for the app to access certain data necessary to function, accept that there is no problem.

Once the download is finished it automatically begins to install the app in question and once it finishes doing so then you will be able to effectively use Uber for BlackBerry.

It is a pity that the devices with the operating system of that company considering that it is too secure, something that always made it superior to BB, does not have more applications and would not even have been more successful than the current one, another story we would surely be telling.