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Type and Graphic Solutions offers new solutions for graphic professionals

Among the books and guides presented at Viscom-Sing 200 are the works Made with FontFont: Type for Independent Minds, which illustrates in its 352 pages examples of FontFont types in real applications; Indie Fonts 3, third volume of the original catalog of fonts and independent designers and Pantone Color Bridge, new guide on matte paper.

Among the new families and typographic solutions will be offered as a novelty, are: Palatino Sans and Palatino Sans Informal, from Linotype; Generis, a typeface system with 4 families; Linotype Agilita; Soho, Sebastian Lester’s latest family for Monotype; Nami, the new collaboration from Adrian Frutiger and Akira Kobayashi; Fluidum, heir to the elegance and spontaneity of Italian design; Cosmiqua, Akira Kobayashi’s latest design; Berthold OpenType Collection Extension; URW ++ Corporate ASE Collection; and the new T26 types: Font Showcases.

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