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Two new applications for the iPod

Koloroo has introduced two iPod widgets that are compatible with any color-screen iPod model, not just the fifth generation. These applications are called TipKalc and KolorWheel.

TipKalc is a very useful calculator to calculate the amount that corresponds to pay each of the diners at a dinner, as well as the taxes, since it breaks down the bill so that it can be paid by several people (2, 3, 4 or 5 diners ). For its part, KolorWheel is a color utility that provides scientifically formulated color combinations for, for example, use in the construction of a website, color of rooms, clothes, etc.

Both widgets can be loaded inside the iPod from any Mac or PC and are available now for a price of 5 and 8 dollars respectively.

Web: www.koloroo.com.