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Twitter is testing a new profile preview feature …

Twitter will soon allow users to quickly preview profiles on their devices. The social media platform through its official identifier said it is testing a new feature, a “profile preview” overlay that aims to solve the problem of following linked conversations.

Twitter is testing a new profile preview overlay on iOS.

While interesting conversation on the platform is fun to read, it gets more difficult and confusing when you join in the middle of a particular active thread. Also, Twitter it does not automatically organize conversations so that they can be easily “dissected”.

But luckily, this new feature will save you from going through a complex thread, scrolling down to a new information page only to check out the Twitter bio of the responding user. The edge in its report He mentioned that the new feature will now show a profile preview on the mobile device and users will be able to see a responder’s full bio, follower count and the date they joined the service. The feature is said to work both inside the threads and outside on the main feed.

Twitter indicates that they are testing the profile preview feature on iOS, indicating that the feature might initially hit iPhone. In case you are included in the test, you can tap on a user id @ in a tweet to show a card with their basic details and give you the option to follow or even mute them. The edge notes that there is also an option to jump to the full profile.

Twitter claims that the feature will show more about a user without taking them away from their timeline. The security team explained in more detail that the reason behind experimenting with these previews is to make it easier for users to figure out who is involved in a conversation. While it’s not a sea change, it will at least help users gobble up relevant information without losing focus on a particular conversation.

Notably, the announcement about the new feature comes days after a glitch with Like counts on tweets. Some alleged Twitter suspended accounts on the platform again, while others jumped to conspiracy theories. Twitter did not reveal why the bug occurred in the first place, however the annoying bug has now been fixed.

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