poner cámara frontal a un celular android

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If you have a smartphone, and especially if it is a relatively new device, then you will surely know that beyond the rear and main camera, which we usually use for panoramic photos, these teams also have a front camera, designed for selfies. Indeed, Many readers have been asking us lately what to do when faced with the following problem: “My mobile doesn’t have a front camera”, and in this article we will try to give you all the solutions.

The truth is that if you do not know too much about the conformation of smartphones, or if you have been given one of which you do not know the manufacturer or model, you may have problems to know if it actually integrates a front camera, which as we said is usually used for the selfies. We even know that many people mistake a possible front camera for a device sensor. The first thing to consider in these cases is that if your mobile does not have a front camera from the factory, you will not be able to add one yourself, of course.

What happens is that the front camera of smartphones does not respond in itself to an application, although it does use one, but it needs that we have specific hardware, in this case, of course, in charge of the sensor that has to be integrated in the terminal. Some of the best phones that do not have a front camera are the ZTE V795, the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the LG L1, so if you have one you will not be able to take selfies.

What to do if my cell phone does not have a front camera?

The truth is that in these times, even if your mobile does not have a front camera, you have the possibility of taking these types of photos in a very simple and fast way. What you need is the classic MonoPod, also known in many places as a selfie stick. Of course, the difference from its usual use is that instead of placing the device facing the front, we have to put it backwards, so we simply cannot see the photo on the screen when taking it.

Applications to know if I have a front camera

  • Line Camera: If you want to test if you have a front camera, you need some applications, and the truth is that there are several interesting ones that could be useful in these cases. Line Camera is one of the best cameras for taking selfies and making picture collages on Android devices. At the same time it has a good number of filters, and we cannot fail to consider that it allows a complete edition of all the contents as images. Sure, it takes much more advantage if you have a front camera.
  • Open Camera: without a doubt we are in the presence of one of the lightest camera applications that exist for Android mobile devices, although with the advantage that we do not lose functions, features or image editing tools. One of its most attractive functions can be used in night photos, since it generates a light if you have a front flash, so that you get better lighting in all types of closed environments.
  • A Better Camera: the answer to “My mobile does not have a front camera” that many users wanted to know ends up being decided later with the arrival of the last of the important applications in this segment. We are undoubtedly talking about A Better Camera. About this application we must say that it has up to 10 different modes of capturing photos or videos, as well as options such as HDR mode, HD panoramas, and surely others that you will know how to make the most of.

Which of these applications to get more out of your front camera is your favorite?