Trivia Crack Android Games, the Best Trivia Game Surely you've already heard of the Trivia Crack game already more than ...

Trivia Crack Android Games, the Best Trivia Game Surely you’ve already heard of the Trivia Crack game already more than …

Surely you’ve already heard of the game Asked You will have seen more than one hooked on this game. It is an application developed by the same creator of Applauded that puts aside the letters to enter fully into the world of trivia.

If you love all the games that have to do with questions, such as Trivial or Party & Co, Asked is the game for you, as it is composed of more than 90,000 questions, which are increasing with each update.

How do you play Trivia Crack?

Its operation is quite simple. First, it is necessary to open an account with your email or with your profile Facebook If you prefer, then a short tutorial will appear that, if you want to familiarize yourself with this game, you must complete, although it is not essential to understand the mechanics.

In short, you have to turn a wheel that is divided into seven parts, six of them represent a different category, these are: Science, Art, Sports, Entertainment, History and Geography, the seventh box is a crown. When the wheel stops on a square, you must answer a question from the category in which it stopped.

You have to answer the questions in order to get different characters. Every three correct questions (or falling on the crown square) you will be able to get a character, and when you have got all six you will have won. When you answer an incorrect question, it will be the opponent’s turn.

If the wheel stops on the special square, or three-thirds of the crown bar is reached, you must choose between challenging your opponent to a duel to remove one of his characters, or simply answer a new question to get the character that you want.

What other features does this game have?

Within the game you will have a chat available, with which you can talk to your opponent and you will have to use some jokers to gain an advantage, for example, have an extra 15 seconds to respond, a second chance or eliminate two incorrect answers.

You can also use the coins of Asked to spin the wheel again in case you fall into a category that is not your strong suit or you just don’t like it.

In this game you will have three lives, and as you play, you will spend them. These can be achieved in two ways: first, you must wait three hours until they fully recover, or, by asking one of your friends in Facebook send you lives.

You can also view a weekly and historical ranking in which you can compare your level and number of questions answered correctly with your friends, so fun is guaranteed and in several languages.

As you can imagine Asked is a game that you can download from Google play or iTunes, it’s free and has ads. However, you can remove them by buying the Premium version for about 2.99 euros. You can also buy in-game some things that they are not necessary to playSo if you are looking for an online game that you can play with your friends and that will entertain you, this is the one to try.